Character Creation

PC Races
Allowed PC races are: elves, dwarves, half-elves, half dwarves, humans (Roman or Viking), half-orc and half-Ogre
Elf: +1 Dex, -1 Con, low light vision. bonuses to thieving, eyes are completely black,
Half elves: bonuses to thieving, 30’ low light vision, irises are completely black,
Dwarf: +1 Con, -1 Chr, infravision (in dark), bonuses to construction (concealed/secret doors, etc.), irises glow red,
Half Dwarves: bonuses to construction (concealed/secret doors, etc.), irises glow red,
Humans: +2 to Perception
Half Orc: +1 Str; -2 Cha
Half Ogre +1 Str, +1 Con; -1 Int, -2 Cha
No other bonuses, or resistances for humanoids
including but not limited to sleep/charm/poison. The game is trying to move humanoids from the middle earth version of them.
Half Jotun characters
such as half-Orcs or half-Ogres may not enter Human/elf/dwarf villages, towns or cities because of their deep hatred of Jotun. If the character was to get within range of the walls, they would be hunted down and killed. It may be possible for the Half Jotun characters to eventually travel, mostly, unhindered in keeps, castles and strongholds after the party has spoken to the military commander and vouchsafe their conduct. This depends on the military commander and how well the party is known by the keep/castle/stronghold. This shows that the warriors and those on the front lines have a better understanding of how badly they are losing and need Any help thy can get.

PC Classes
- they get their cleric spellcasting ability starting at 1st level.
- they do get extra spells according to Wisdom.
- No Assassins, Cavaliers, Illusionists, Wild Mage, Barbarian (Jungle) or paladins.
- Allowed KITS: If it is a kit, then ask if you can play it beforehand.
- Anyone can Dual class or multiclass. There are preffered combinations for each race though.
- 18 is max starting ability and 8 is the minimum.
- For Humans, take 18 for one ability score and then roll 4d6 six times, drop lowest score. For humanoids and half breeds, roll 4d6 seven times and drop lowest score.
- there is a calculated score called Perception. Humans get a 2. [(INTWIS+CHR)/3]-3
Prefered, but not restricted to, classes and multiclasses, by race
Dwarf: Ftr, Cl, Th, Ftr/Th, Ftr/C
Elf Ftr, Ra, Ma, Cl, Th, Ftr/M, Ftr/Th, M/Th, Ftr/M/Th
Half-elf: Ftr, Ra, Ma, Cl, Dr, Th, Ba, Ftr/Cl, Ftr/Th, Ftr/Dr, Ftr/Ma, Cl/Ra, Cl/Ma, Th/Ma, Ftr/Ma/Cl, Ftr/Ma/Th
Human: Ftr, Ra, Ma, Cl, Dr, Th, Ba

PC Kits
War Cleric (cleric with more fighter traits) – in progress

NPC Classes
Hedge wizard – low level spellcasting ability in both mage and clerical spheres
Cloistered Cleric – sage, herbalist and cleric abilities – creates cleric magic items, cleric scrolls, herbal elixirs and healing potions. creator-tinker, and religious sage
Cloistered Mage – historical and magical sage and creator/tinker, alchemist – creates mage items, mage scrolls and potions

There are Roman dieties and Viking dieites. If you have a special diety you want and can prove they would be valid in a roman/viking campaign, I’m open to adding/modding. I kind of like the Forgotten Realms dieties so I may sneak some in.


Mages and Clerics/Druids get an alotment of magical energy everyday. Mages meditate/study for one hour after sleeping to get that back. Clerics have to meditate/pray for one hour after sleeping. You can cast any spell in your spellbook upto your alotment. Clerics can cast any spell in their sphere up to their alotment. Mages get bonus spells with Intelligence, same as clerics.
Mages start with Read Magic, Detect Magic and Identify plus 5 spells of their choosing of 1st level spells.

language users alphabet
Black Tongue______Demons, sentient undead_____________Black tongue,runic
Draketongue_______Dragons____________________________Draconic, runic
Dwarven___________dwarves, vikings____________Dwarven,runic
Fingerspeak_______Thieves(sign language)
Trader____________merchants (Germanic)
Battletongue______Warriors (sign language)
Saxa______________viking______________________________scandanavian, runic

Character Creation

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