Avenger: The inhabitants of the Hellfrost, bandits, or orcs have taken away everything the hero ever loved. Friends, family, home, all have been destroyed. The one thing that keeps the avenger going is the thought of enacting a fitting revenge.

Druid: Only the elves understand the means to channel energy from the plants and animals.Druids are strong in the wilds, but they suffer diffculties in urban environments.

Healer: As the ice advances, so starvation, disease, and attacks by monsters become more frequent. Healers strive to stem the tide of misery with poultices and salves. While there are many independent healers, the Sisters of Mercy are the only non-religious organization sworn to this service.

The Raven Knights(Knights of the Winter Circle)- dedicated to defense of the Icewall from Jotun.They operate only in the colder regions, guarding the roads to the few remaining towns beyond the Icebarrier and watching over mountain passes.

Ice Rigger: As the land becomes locked in a sea of ice and snow, the races are turning more and more to ice ships, which glide over the ice and snow on long skates and skis. Ice riggers are sailors skilled at piloting these vessels.

Iron Guild Mercenary: Though there are many mercenary companies, especially in Vestmark and Sutmark,the Iron Guild stands apart because it only hires troopsout to merchants requiring protection.

Roadwarden: The roads of Rassilon have not been safe for many centuries. In recent years, a group of men and women calling themselves Roadwardens have taken it upon themselves to protect the roads and safeguard travelers.

Rune Mage: Found only among dwarves, rune mages focus the magical energies of the world through carved runes.

Skald: Skalds are sorcerers who work their magic through the power of song. They also know music, stories, and poems, and they are welcomed at most settlements.

Trapper: Fur isn’t worn as a fashion accessory anymore—it’s worn out of a need to survive freezing temperatures. Trappers make a living by hunting down bears and wolves, and selling their furs. Trappers may not lead a glamorous life, but they’re hardened to adverse weather and often come across ruins while hunting prey.


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