Belgo Stoneface

Belgo is a bald, surly, dwarven male berserker with dyed red beard arranged into 3 braids.


Belgo Stoneface

Lawful male dwarf fighter 6 using a berserker kit.

3’8” tall, 161 lbs, 54 years old (maximum 374 years).

Shaven head, mid-length beard arranged into 3 braids dyed red — darker at the tips, lighter near his face. Blue eyes with red irises.

Armor Class3
HP (d10+5 con; +2/level while berserk)57
Movement Rate6


  • infravision (see in the dark)
  • bonuses to construction (concealed/secret doors, etc.)
  • irises glow red

Weapon proficiencies

4 initial, +1 every 3 levels.

  • battle axe (specialized)
  • bastard sword (specialized)
  • warhammer
  • To be determined

Nonproficient penalty: -2

Nonweapon Proficiencies

3 initial, +1 every 3 levels.

  • Blind-fighting (2 slots used?)
  • Mountaineering
  • Running (Con -6)
  • Endurance
  • To be determined

Languages: Dwarven & Saxa.


Strength18/33, or 18/51 while berserk
Hit Probability+1, or +2 while berserk
Damage Adjustment+3
Weight Allowance135, or 160 while berserk
Maximum Press280, or 305 while berserk
Open Doors12, or 13 while berserk
Bend Bars/Lift Gates20%, or 25% while berserk
Reaction Adjustment0
Missile Attack Adjustment0
Defensive Adjustment0
Hit Point Adjustment+2 (+5)*
System Shock99%
Resurrection Survival100%
Poison Save+1
RegenerationNil or 1/6 turn when holding Death’s Bite
Number of Languages2
Spell Level4th
Chance to Learn Spell35%
Max. # of Spells/Level6
Illusion Immunity
Magical Defense Adjustment0
Bonus Spells0
Chance of Spell Failure20%
Spell Immunity
Maximum # of Henchmen4
Loyalty Base0
Reaction Adjustment0

Saving Throws

11Paralyzation, Poison, Death Magic
13Rod, Staff, Wand
12Petrification, Polymorph
13Breath Weapons


itemtotal valuetotal weight
plate mail60050
Death’s Bite?7
battle axe57
bastard sword, masterwork (+1)57
sack, large0.20.5
dwarven Satis crystal necklace
flint and steel0.5-
2 pitons0.061
50 ft hemp rope120
2 torches0.022
lamp oil0.061
ring and seal (battle axe)500-
ring of protection +1
winter blanket0.53
gold coins2,628-
silver coins0.8-
copper coins0.09-


  • Masterwork bastard sword: +3/4† to-hit; (2d4 if S-M or 2d8 vs L) +3 str+2 spec damage.
  • Death’s Bite: +5/6† to-hit; 1d8+3 str+2 spec damage+3 magic vs S-L.

† Applies when berserk.

Mike’s Berserker Kit

All berserkers have the ability to “go berserk,” to enter into a wild frenzy that increases their effectiveness in battle. The frenzy is not automatic; the character cannot turn it on at will. A berserker must spend one round working himself into a frenzy, during which he can take no other action. (The sagas describe berserkers biting their shields and howling like wild animals.) At the end of the round, the berserker makes a saving throw vs. death magic. If the save is successful, the character reaches the berserk state. If failed, the character has not managed to reach the wild mental state needed to go berserk. He can continue making attempts for up to ten consecutive rounds. At the end of the tenth round, the character automatically succeeds. The berserk state has several benefits While berserk:

  1. When the Berserker goes Berserk, the DM should immediately say to him, “Tell me how many hit points you currently have.” From that point until the fight is done and the Berserker has returned to normal, the DM keeps track of his hit points. The player is not told how many hp he has left, nor how many points of damage he is taking with each attack. (After all, the character can feel no pain … so he cannot keep track of how close he is to death.) The DM simply tells him something like: “The orc-captain hits you with his axe, a mighty blow which you barely feel …” It is therefore very possible for a Berserker to be nickled and dimed to death and not know it until he drops dead. The DM can also, if he so chooses, roll all Saving Throws for the Berserker, not telling the player whether they were failures or successes.
    While Berserk, the character cannot take cover against missile fire.
  2. If, while the character is Berserk, another character tries something he can interpret as attack (for instance, hits him to move him out of the way of an incoming attack,) the Berserker must roll 1d20 vs. his Intelligence. If he succeeds (that is, rolls his Intelligence score or less), he’s dimly aware that his friend is not attacking him. If he fails (rolls higher than his Intelligence), he now thinks his friend is an enemy, and continues to think so until the fight is done and he is no longer Berserk.
  3. The taunt spell is automatically successful, and will cause the Berserker to abandon his current enemy and rush to attack the taunter.
  4. He is immune (no Saving Throw is necessary) to the wizard spells charm person, friends, hypnotism, sleep, irritation, ray of enfeeblement, scare, geas, and the clerical spells command, charm person or mammal, enthrall, cloak of bravery, and symbol.
  5. He gets a +4 to save against the wizard spells blindness, Tasha’s uncontrollable hideous laughter, hold person, charm monster, and confusion, and the clerical spells hold person and hold animal.
  6. The berserker instantly gains two additional hit points for every level. The hit points gained do not heal existing wounds; they are simply added to the character’s current total. These additional hit points can cause the character’s total to exceed the normal maximum the character is allowed.
  7. Strength. The berserker’s Strength increases by 2 points to a maximum of 19. Over 18, percentile Strengths increase by one category for every extra point, thus only character’s with an 18 (91) or greater Strength can attain 19. The character gains all bonuses (THACO, damage, weight allowance, etc.) for his increased Strength.
  8. The character can only use melee weapons.
  9. If he hangs back from battle one round, he looses the rage.
  10. Finally, when the character comes out of his Berserk, bad things happen to him. He loses the 5 hp the bonus hp he gained when he became Berserk. (This could drop him to or below 0 hp and kill him, of course.) He collapses in exhaustion (exactly as if hit by a ray of enfeeblement, no saving throw possible, for one round for every round he was Berserk.

Independent of his ability to go berserk, the berserker can also do the following:

  • He can shapechange into a wolf at fourth level. He can use this power once per week. The berserker’s hit points, THACO, number of attacks, and saving throws remain unchanged. However, the berserker gains the movement, armor class, and damage of a wolf (MV 18, AC 7, Damage 2-5). The character receives no bonuses for Strength and cannot go berserk while in wolf form. The character can understand human speech, but cannot communicate back without magical means. He can understand and speak the language of wolves while shapechanged. This knowledge is lost upon transforming back.

    The berserker’s shape change is not lycanthropy; it is a power bestowed upon him by a totem animal. His bite has no special power, he does not heal damage when changing form, the moon has no effect and he is vulnerable to normal weapons. The transformation takes one round to effect and the berserker’s clothes are gear are not transformed with him.
  • The berserker can shapechange into a cave bear at 7th level. The berserker can assume bear form (and change back again) once per week. Like the wolf form, this is a totem abilitv reflecting the berserker’s increased power.
  • Berserkers attract followers upon attaining 9th level. Those willing to serve the berserker are few, but noteworthy. The berserker will attract ld4+1 heroes.
  • He gains the Endurance nonweapon proficiency for free.

Belgo comes from the dwarven stronghold of Dalzimdukr. As a youth, he was frequently called upon as a messenger or runner — “Belgo, fetch me another pick,” or “Belgo, take these battleaxes to Thaim Goldfist in Raven’s Bluff.” Perhaps it was just a convienent method of getting the cantankerous dwarf somewhere out of ear-shot. He’s a hard worker, but his favorite hobby seems to be finding something to complain about.

It was on one of these expeditions that Dalzimdukr fell to the northern menace. He returned to find his home in ruins and overrun with all manner of foul creature. He tried to take his vengance on the spot, and did maange to spill some orge blood. But he took a number of serious injures in the process, and was hurled over a cliff on taking a mace to the head.

He felt the sun shining on him when he woke up, but it was dark. He was strucken blind — fortunately the affliction would only last a couple months, but it did make his journey to Raven’s Bluff that much more difficult.

Thaim Goldfist took him in and helped him recover. There’s always a bed for Belgo in Thaim’s home, but it’s best for both of them when Belgo has business away. Seeking vengance for his clan and stronghold, he routinely finds work in mercenary organizations and adventuring groups headed north.

His father is Biercuk Stoneface.

Belgo Stoneface

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