new friendship spell

The camp was attacked in the middle of the night by giant trolls. Luckily the trolls noticed that there was a large encampment of men and decided to retreat. Unfortunately the Romans, as ever, were ready with fire arrows and pelted them before they could reach safety.
The crew stitched up wounds when a roman cleric stepped up and gave the party a tongue lashing of how proper Roman armies march. From that point on, sentries were better posted, fortifications dug and sergeants recruited. The crew easily welcomed the stout cleric of Minerva into their ranks.
The next day, they started out to track the creatures back from where they came from. They found a cave that was partially hidden by bushes. The crew dispatched messengers back to the army and delved further.
The first room had some normal sized trolls eating some vermin in their “nests”. The group was quickly dispatched but not without some arrows going astray in the melee. Under some of the trolls trash, they found a magic carpet that could carry two and quickly rolled it up. On the opposite side of the room was a cavern with a water pool. But something was swimming underneath the waters. When tested with some food, thick slimy green tentacles came out of the water. But there was a pile of gems on the far shore. So Osric and Jasmine climbed onboard the carpet and flew across the water. When the mage/thief dangled down to catch the gems, one of the tentacles grabbed him. It was only quick work by Doorgan and some arrows that severed the tentacles and allowed them to escape.
The next room had some giant scorpions that were scrambling to get out. Unfortunately they paralyzed Doorgan and the roman Cleric before they could be dispatched. Afterwards, with the day barely started, the crew was exhausted. They decided to get back to camp and rest up. The following day they decided to send the army back to the village to secure it, with the mastadon herds while they flew invisibly to Ravens Bluff.
Once in Raven’s Bluff, Doorgan comissioned a new set of armor made from the scorpion hides. Osric told the town council of the Jotun army’s alliance with Drow and the secret ways into the town. Unfortunately Osric did not know the location of the tunnels, so they were less than enthused. They also learned of the second army that was coming closer, day by day. Osric and Jasmine were able to get some new spells and Osric joined the mage guild. The rest of the party girded themselves with any available potions they could buy. Then they set back out to the dungeon.
Once back in the dungeon, they found nothing had moved into the empty rooms, but they did find more Giant Trolls. Through the spellcasters use of web and flame, they easily dispatched the trolls. The next room had skittering ettercaps and giant spiders. Too disgusted, the party spiked the door shut so they could not get out. Back the other way, they found even more giant trolls, which they dispatched as well.
The next room was a dining hall with a table set for a feast. Doubting their luck, the PCs cast detect magic and identify. The fancy lighting was actually a will o Wisp and immediately attacked Jasmine for casting the spells. Even with it’s incredible defenses, the PCs were able to destroy it with magic missle use.
Totally spent of magic spells, the party decided to rest for the moment. Where could these caverns take them? Possibly a hidden way into the castle?



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