Game 8

After many kegs of ale swapped in the village tavern, a plan started to form. The roman Legate offered his services as quartermaster for a paltry sum. The small army headed north to take on the keep.
The vikings attacked the herd of mastadon “herders”, killing 100 orcs. As the herders rushed back to the fort, the adventurers, made invisible by Jasmine, made it inside the walls. The viking infantry and the roman archers used a great deal of noise to mask the fact that they were fewer in number than the defenders.
The adventurers made it to the door of the keep and found some 16 foot tall giants guarding the door. Eclaf quickly started to play some music once they were inside. The giants, being as dumb as rocks, started to dance to the music. They followed the bard out the door while Jasmine and Doorgan snuck inside. They found two groups of ogres guarding the entrance to the towers and a large pair of double doors.
Doorgan was interested in what lay beyond the double doors and went inside, without thought about Jasmine or Eclaf. Jasmine did quickly follow behind to try and keep him out of trouble. What they found took their breaths away.
They had found the main hall of the keep. There was a Frost giant, his wife and lieutenant, plus an orc mage and cleric, were hosting a pair of Drow. But these drow were horrible to look upon, as they resembled the wraith from Stargate Atlantis. Beside the drow were two peasants in some kind of trance.
The frost giant was discussing an alliance with the Drow to get forces into Raven’s bluff without the defenders noticing them. To conclude the deal, the frost giant asked his servants to bring in fresh meat. A number of human children were led up to the giants table and had their heads bent back.
Doorgan flew into a rage that the giants and drow were about to dine on humans and attacked the frost giant. The leader and party were so stunned that allowed Doorgan to get in his blows. But then the chieftan found his SoulCleaver Battleaxe and laid into Doorgan. Doorgan could not stand many of the giant’s blows and quickly fell. Jasmine tried to help by giving Doorgan some healing potions, but Doorgan was knocked unconscious. He was taken to the dungeons under the keep.
Meantime, Jasmine quickly hurried out to releave Eclaf and inform him of what happened. She and Eclaf went back in to follow the chief. After he had eaten, he went to his study behind the great hall. In it were various trophies of the previous human and dwarven defenders of the keep. Also there was a large fireplace with a solid column of ice in the middle of it. The chief wrote a note to his leader of the Drow alliance and learned that another army was on its way to help and would be there in a months time. He threw the note to the fireplace and once it touched the ice column, it disappeared. Then the chief went to his bedchambers.
Jasmine and Eclaf were getting ready to attack him after he closed the door to his bed chambers. But when they saw what creatures stayed in his bedchamber, they reconsidered. There were 4 wolves that were as massive as ogres waiting for the chief.
When Doorgan awoke, he was in a giant cage filled with men in loinclothes. They were all gathering around him in mindless drool. In the cage next to his was a cage filled with pregnant women. Doorgan found out the men were all given potions to drink that turned them into rutting, mindless slaves. Their only useage was to keep the human women pregnant, so the chief could have his “snacks”. This filled him with rage again and he tried to bend the bars.
After several tries, while his ogre jailors were laughing at him, he finally bent the bars and escaped. The mindless men unwittingly followed him out of the cage and piled ontop of the ogres. This gave Doorgan time to find his arms and armor and time for Jasmine to find him. She gave him a potion of gaseous form to escape with.
On Jasmine and Eclaf’s way out of the keep, he decided to have another look at the chief’s study. Inside was a giant silver harp that could raise or lower ability scores. With his bardic knowledge, which he shared with Jasmine, he was able to avoid the bad effects and gained a level! Jasmine strummed the harp as well and raised her charisma.
Afterwards the adventurers climbed over the walls and were able to get back to their small army in the dead of the night. Sullen and angry over what they had seen and failed to stop.
Tomorrow is another day, but they did not know how they were going to conquer the Frost giant and his ogre minions.



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