Game 7

The characters recover from the previous day’s battle by wenching and drinking. Eclaf polishes his next saga, in between mugs of ale. The following day, as the characters stumble from their beds, a runner comes to alert them that something is wrong at the wall. From the edge of the forest a force of dire wolves, almost a 100 strong, with Orc rangers and the General and his crew. An orc spellcaster unrolls a scroll and starts his chant. The party Must stop whatever help the spellcaster is calling for. Jasmyn and Osric secret themselves in a cart of hay, pulled by horses with charmed orc riders. They make it half way to the forest and drop off the back. The cart makes it another 100 yards and then one of the orc lieutenants throws an oil of fiery burning at the lead horse. The cart explodes in fire, instantly crisping the horses and orcs and setting the cart on fire. Jasmyn tries to charge the spellcast but is met by the six lieutenants first. Osric manages to stun 4 of them but the last two get in their blows. The next round, Jasmyn casts stinking cloud on the spellcaster but he makes his save. He is on his last round of spellcasting and must make one more save. He does and a large bonfire erupts from the cart, with a human’s face. A Fire elemental!

Jasmyn and Osric retreat to the village walls as there is nothing they can do.
As the Elemental charges the town walls, Eclaf and Doorgan charge the elemental. Unfortunately it avoids them and heads to the wall. The fire elemental is able to get 3/4 of the wall on fire before they vanquish it. Doorgan charges the General but is cut down by the lieutenants. The Orc General spits on Doorgan and moves back to his lines with his troops. The spellcasters cast another spell and make 16 of the dire wolves into the size of Polar bears.
Jasmyn sneaks out to Doorgan, invisible, and pours potions of healing into his mouth. Meanwhile the 16 dire wolves charge the town and leap over the 10’ walls. The towns people have a shield wall inside the town’s walls and have their spears set to accept the charge but there are just too big and too many of the brutes. Arlis, a human fighter, leads the towns people to surround the dire wolves and spear the brutes. Osric sees that there is naught for him to do and starts to head down to the docks to make his escape.
Doorgan falls for a second time to the General and the General walks away with his Thor-sent axe as a trophy. Jasmyn is able to drag Doorgan back to the town for healing. Eclaf is madly trying to put out the fire on the walls with his spells.
Just as Osric was to slip into the water to escape, he hears viking battle drums in the distance. A force of 300 vikings in 10 longships is rowing madly to get to the burning town. The vikings reach the docks and rush past a stunned Osric to get to the battle. The spearmen from the town are down to a handful before the vikings stream by them, battle axes raised to cleave the wolves.
The orc General sees the last of his Giant Direwolves slain and slinks with his forces into the forest to run away. The viking general asks Eclaf’s leave to chase the enemy and rush off. The party, after quaffing more healing potions and spells, charges after with two dozen vikings.
The party meets a force of the dire wolves, two rangers and one lieutenant. They smite the enemy but not before the last viking falls as well.
The orc General and his spellcasters have gotten away from the viking force somehow with Doorgan’s axe. Now the party has a solid force to attack the keep with. If they dare,,,,



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