Game 6

p. The party started out inside the walls of the town. Now encircled by an Orcish army equipped with wyverns. There were 5 orcs to every able fighter inside the town. Later in the evening, as they discussed different tactics, Eclaf was visited by Bragi. Bragi had come to congratulate the bard on his successes and bestow a mighty spear of hurling +2. At the same time, Thor came into the tavern to visit Dorian and congratulate him as well. For Dorian he bestowed a mighty axe and blessed the arrows of the only ranger in the group. Tomorrow was to be a Splendid battle and the gods wanted to make sure their champions were ready. p. The next morning, at first light, a ball of burning light arced over the sky and fell into the middle of the town. Out of the splash of fire were three devils that said that they had been summoned to stop Eclaf. But they were willing to bring him to their side. As the devils tried to trick the bard into laying down his spear, Capt Slash struck them from behind with her staff. The leader was slain with Eclaf’s spear and Dorian cleaved a wing from a second devil before it died as well. The third disappeared after unsuccessfully trying to charm Dorian. The willy Osric knew the devil’s tricks and bestowed protection from evil on Dorian and Eclaf. The villagers cheered the heroes and were much heartened by the display of power. p. Next a gathering of orcish shamans made a circle by which they summoned a mighty earth elemental. The orc general ordered it to bash down the doors to the city. Only Slash, Eclaf and Dorian had weapons that could harm the creature and dashed over the walls to attack it. Slash was able to keep the arrows off of Dorian with a feather fall spell, while he cleaved into the elemental. The party took dreadful damage before they dismissed the elemental and it was able to break down one door. p. After seeing the elemental knock the door down, the orc army rushed to fill the gap. Little did they know the villagers and bard had cooked up a nasty surprise. As the orcs pushed to get in the gate, they were delayed by a trip spell. This stopped up the orcs behind them who were splattered by lantern oil. Eclaf mercilessly employed fire spells to light the oil and burn the orcs to a crisp. p. During battle the elven gladiator burst threw the trees with 10 legionaries in his party. He had left the party in town to scout out the keep with some fellow romans. The orcs could see this was the party’s stoutest fighter that they could reach and charged him with their most experienced fighters. The gladiator was able to kill all of the orcs but at the expense of his legionaries. p. In the end, the orcs surrendered and the wyverns were driven off. But there was no sign of the leader and his shamans. There are also still howls from wolven creatures that are prowling the woods. What is next for our unstoppable party?



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