Game 5

The band made it to Raven’s Bluff where Dorian took the Ogre off to his temple of Thor. There the clerics would fashion the Ogre into mighty gauntlets of Ogre power that also bestowed the physical aspects of an Ogre to Dorian as well. Slash and Eclaf decided that if they were to attack the fort, they would need many more men to help them assault the keep. While Slash joined the Mage Guild and bought new spells, Eclaf wenched and left word at the Mercenary’s guild that they were looking for men. He was visited by the six generals in Raven’s Bluff to offer their services. Slash was also visited by two young men that offered their services, Osric and Egil. During Eclaf’s revels at the inn, a woman rushed up to Eclaf with a scroll case. It was Thora from Shadowford, where she was a tavern wench. Once she had Eclaf’s attention she quickly unscrewed the scroll case. What Eclaf did not know was that Thora truly was sent from Shadowford to beg them to come back and assault the orc army, camped outside their walls. But she had been intercepted and charmed. She Had to deliver the case to Eclaf but she knew it was trapped for whomever opened the case. She boldly took the damage and paid with her life. Smoke quickly issued from the case that formed an illusion of Kraanian the Orc. He played with Eclaf and boldly asked for Eclaf to challenge him to single combat at the keep. Eclaf threw a challenge back in his face to come to Raven’s bluff. Kraanian said he would come to the city but he would be bringing some friends with him. Also he gloated that Shadowford was no more for an orc army had slain the town. It was then that Dorian scattered the illusion in anger. Afterwards Osric searched the body for clues of another message and found them sewn in a fold of her dress. The town was under siege and needed help. The band sought quick passage back to Shadowford by ship. When they arrived, at night, they found a large host of Orcs and Wyverns posted around the town. The group decided that Osric and Egil had the best chance to recon the forces and see what they were up against. Unfortunately both Egil and Osric stumbled on a sleeping Wyvern and disturbed it’s sleep. The band quickly slew the Wyvern but the closest group of Orcs had sounded an alarm and were rushing the band. They enspelled Osric in Invisibility and sent him on ahead to make sure the city gates would be open to them. The party must have a running battle with the first group of Orcs before they could get inside the city. The party of 4 adventurers and ten followers killed five times their number of Orcs before they reached the town’s walls. After charming one of the survivors and looting the bodies, one Orc was sent from the other camps to see what was going on. He escaped and sounded the alarm. So the party rushed inside the town gates before the multitudes of Orcs could swarm them. Once inside and seeing that there were only 59 defenders left, they knew they must send for reinforcements from the armies at Raven’s Bluff. Help would be coming but they had three long days before it would reach them. what to do, what to do,,,



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