Game 4

The band of adventures were no sooner out of town when a group of men and dwarves came rushing to the group. The young men were sheparded by some older men on horseback. they were stirred by the stories Eclaf told in their home town of Shadowford. Enough so that they wanted to come along with the intrepid band of adventurers. They also picked up a randy fighter for a time on the road. Shortly after they started, it occurred to them that they would much rather bypass the fort for now and travel on to Raven’s Bluff, the largest human city in the north. They happened on a roadblock of orcs and Ogres, who were setting up a station on the road. The players drew off about half the band of orcs and Ogres in a diversion with fire. The band heartily slew the first party, but some stragglers got free to warn the leader. He sent the remainder of his crew to kill the men. Although this band was slain as well, except for one Ogre. Thor had tasked Dorian to save one Ogre and take him to Raven’s Bluff temple. On the road they were beset by more orcs with worgs. The band easily dispatched the group and moved on. Raven’s Bluff awaited…



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