Game 3

The group left the watchtower a week or so later. All damage was healed and the slaves were re-equipped with armor and weapons for the long trek back to a town. The men were from skor and decided that they could not go back there, so they would continue on with the group.
Unfortunately during the march to civilization they were attacked by a large group of worgs and mad giant boars. The last slave died half a days march from town.
On the outskirts of town, they happened across a sheppard boy that could not believe his eyes. The Heros were coming from an area that was rife with orcs. The group got to the city gates and were given directions to the local inn. Once there, the local Jarl and the head priest of Odin learned of the fate of Skor and heard their adventures. Afterwards the people of the town showed their aprpeciation to the Heros in true viking fashion. The bard of the group had a contest with the local bard and soundly thrashed him. This brought the crowd to even higher levels of excitement over the heros. Doorgan, the fighter/cleric, and Gyrfalcon, the ranger/cleric, drank until they almost collapsed on the tables. The gladiator and Ecglaf, the bard, hosted many unattached women to their bedrooms over the night. Jasmyn took the defeated bard to bed to see if he had an other skills. He didn’t.
Doorgan was troubled by an outburst by Joran the head sheppard who caught the young sheppard boy in the inn, listening to the heros. Doorgan stood up to Joran but did not notice the crowd was not liking the exchange. Ecglaf smoothly stepped in and steered Doorgan back to his seat, before an incident happened.
Ecglaf also found out that the gladiator had taken a married woman to his bed overnight. He smoothly steered the cuckolded husband to his room to defray the incident.
The next day Gyrfalcon and Doorgan visited the local temple to Odin to show their repects. However the local baker challenged Gyrfalcon to a fight and smashed his mace into his side. Gyrfalcon fought back and easily killed the baker. Afterwards it came out that the baker had a wasting disease and could not be healed. So he had been looking for someone to fight with to end his days in battle. Unfortunately a part of the duel was that you take over whatever possessions the loser had, in this case, his family. Gyr did his best to comfort the family but told them frankly he was heading North to kill as many Giants as he could.
Doorgan found the young sheppard boy pleading with him outside the temple to allow him to go with the party. He pleaded he would do anything to get away from his servitude with Joran. The party reluctantly agreed to let the lad come along but he was Doorgan’s responsibility.
Finally recovered from the partying and other incidents, the party started out once more. This time towards a fort, guarded by an orc army with wyvern scouts. The gods could not wait.



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