Game 2

There was a new player that joined the group this session. A fighter/Cleric of Odin who was traveling with a band that happened on a group of Orcs. These orcs were traveling with treasure back to their fort and had massacred the band, except one. The fighter/cleric decided he would travel ahead to see if he could ambush the orcs later on. Much to his surprise he happened on our group.
The group decided to use it as a diversion to get the orcs in the watch tower to come out. They sent their charmed orc in to request aid. He made it inside with no issue, but the orc leader did not totally believe his tale. So he sent 2/3 of his orcs out but left the charmed orc behind. The group was able to ambush the orcs, just outside the view of the watchtower. The group decimated the orcs but two managed to get away to warn the watchtower. Now they were warned of the group.
The rest of the orcs were sent on the balcony that ran around the top of the tower with longbows. The sub-leader, a cleric, was taking no chances until re-inforcements could arrive. Little did the PCs know but all of the horses had been sent off with messengers to gather re-inforcements.
Jasmyn declared that she could put spider climb on one of the PCs and they could run up the tower, but who to send. The gladiator volunteered and gathered his gear. The rest of the party swung around the other side to create a diversion and for the bard to sing his battle chant. The gladiator made it up the side of the tower without a problem, but then he faced a large group of orcs including the cleric, on his own.
The rest of the group decided to make a run for it to the tower, but most of the orcs were not fighting the gladiator, and they piled arrows onto the group. Most of the group were stricken with critical hits before they could reach the safety of the tower. The gladiator was also unarmed by the Cleric’s command spell. The orcs fell on the blue elf with glee.
As the group was huddling against the side of the tower, they remembered the charmed Orc. They called to him to let down the ladder, which he swiftly did. Inside the tower, the group found a large group of warriors that were chained but unguarded by the orcs. They rushed up the ladder and threw their orc slave masters over the balcony, saving the elf.
Now the group was out of spells and healing and had three groups of orcs coming towards the watch tower. The group reluctantly decided to send the charmed orc out to tell them the real danger was plague and they needed help with healing. The leaders believed the orc, and decided to end his life from afar. Little did the PCs know that the lone charmed orc had saved them from an overwhelming attack.



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