Game 1

Travel to Skor
met up with braga. showed them events. josh was mother caring for kids. kept them safe, but they froze to death. Mindy was bar maid and challenged cowering men in the inn. Nate was mayor and fought in streets.

woke up. Crew paniced hearing their dreams plus the smoke from town. siad it was cursed and ragnarock. left them there to go report to northbridge.

Josh wandered off alone. killed 6 orcs on his own. 2 got away on horses. stayed at home that was untouched overnight. Morning were attacked by 10 orcs with bows. They were killed but 5 got away with horses.

1 was charmed. led them to the watchtower but was caught in bear trap. Trapping orc was killed.

got to watch tower and there were no horses and there were 15 archers on the walkway.



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