new friendship spell

The camp was attacked in the middle of the night by giant trolls. Luckily the trolls noticed that there was a large encampment of men and decided to retreat. Unfortunately the Romans, as ever, were ready with fire arrows and pelted them before they could reach safety.
The crew stitched up wounds when a roman cleric stepped up and gave the party a tongue lashing of how proper Roman armies march. From that point on, sentries were better posted, fortifications dug and sergeants recruited. The crew easily welcomed the stout cleric of Minerva into their ranks.
The next day, they started out to track the creatures back from where they came from. They found a cave that was partially hidden by bushes. The crew dispatched messengers back to the army and delved further.
The first room had some normal sized trolls eating some vermin in their “nests”. The group was quickly dispatched but not without some arrows going astray in the melee. Under some of the trolls trash, they found a magic carpet that could carry two and quickly rolled it up. On the opposite side of the room was a cavern with a water pool. But something was swimming underneath the waters. When tested with some food, thick slimy green tentacles came out of the water. But there was a pile of gems on the far shore. So Osric and Jasmine climbed onboard the carpet and flew across the water. When the mage/thief dangled down to catch the gems, one of the tentacles grabbed him. It was only quick work by Doorgan and some arrows that severed the tentacles and allowed them to escape.
The next room had some giant scorpions that were scrambling to get out. Unfortunately they paralyzed Doorgan and the roman Cleric before they could be dispatched. Afterwards, with the day barely started, the crew was exhausted. They decided to get back to camp and rest up. The following day they decided to send the army back to the village to secure it, with the mastadon herds while they flew invisibly to Ravens Bluff.
Once in Raven’s Bluff, Doorgan comissioned a new set of armor made from the scorpion hides. Osric told the town council of the Jotun army’s alliance with Drow and the secret ways into the town. Unfortunately Osric did not know the location of the tunnels, so they were less than enthused. They also learned of the second army that was coming closer, day by day. Osric and Jasmine were able to get some new spells and Osric joined the mage guild. The rest of the party girded themselves with any available potions they could buy. Then they set back out to the dungeon.
Once back in the dungeon, they found nothing had moved into the empty rooms, but they did find more Giant Trolls. Through the spellcasters use of web and flame, they easily dispatched the trolls. The next room had skittering ettercaps and giant spiders. Too disgusted, the party spiked the door shut so they could not get out. Back the other way, they found even more giant trolls, which they dispatched as well.
The next room was a dining hall with a table set for a feast. Doubting their luck, the PCs cast detect magic and identify. The fancy lighting was actually a will o Wisp and immediately attacked Jasmine for casting the spells. Even with it’s incredible defenses, the PCs were able to destroy it with magic missle use.
Totally spent of magic spells, the party decided to rest for the moment. Where could these caverns take them? Possibly a hidden way into the castle?

Game 8

After many kegs of ale swapped in the village tavern, a plan started to form. The roman Legate offered his services as quartermaster for a paltry sum. The small army headed north to take on the keep.
The vikings attacked the herd of mastadon “herders”, killing 100 orcs. As the herders rushed back to the fort, the adventurers, made invisible by Jasmine, made it inside the walls. The viking infantry and the roman archers used a great deal of noise to mask the fact that they were fewer in number than the defenders.
The adventurers made it to the door of the keep and found some 16 foot tall giants guarding the door. Eclaf quickly started to play some music once they were inside. The giants, being as dumb as rocks, started to dance to the music. They followed the bard out the door while Jasmine and Doorgan snuck inside. They found two groups of ogres guarding the entrance to the towers and a large pair of double doors.
Doorgan was interested in what lay beyond the double doors and went inside, without thought about Jasmine or Eclaf. Jasmine did quickly follow behind to try and keep him out of trouble. What they found took their breaths away.
They had found the main hall of the keep. There was a Frost giant, his wife and lieutenant, plus an orc mage and cleric, were hosting a pair of Drow. But these drow were horrible to look upon, as they resembled the wraith from Stargate Atlantis. Beside the drow were two peasants in some kind of trance.
The frost giant was discussing an alliance with the Drow to get forces into Raven’s bluff without the defenders noticing them. To conclude the deal, the frost giant asked his servants to bring in fresh meat. A number of human children were led up to the giants table and had their heads bent back.
Doorgan flew into a rage that the giants and drow were about to dine on humans and attacked the frost giant. The leader and party were so stunned that allowed Doorgan to get in his blows. But then the chieftan found his SoulCleaver Battleaxe and laid into Doorgan. Doorgan could not stand many of the giant’s blows and quickly fell. Jasmine tried to help by giving Doorgan some healing potions, but Doorgan was knocked unconscious. He was taken to the dungeons under the keep.
Meantime, Jasmine quickly hurried out to releave Eclaf and inform him of what happened. She and Eclaf went back in to follow the chief. After he had eaten, he went to his study behind the great hall. In it were various trophies of the previous human and dwarven defenders of the keep. Also there was a large fireplace with a solid column of ice in the middle of it. The chief wrote a note to his leader of the Drow alliance and learned that another army was on its way to help and would be there in a months time. He threw the note to the fireplace and once it touched the ice column, it disappeared. Then the chief went to his bedchambers.
Jasmine and Eclaf were getting ready to attack him after he closed the door to his bed chambers. But when they saw what creatures stayed in his bedchamber, they reconsidered. There were 4 wolves that were as massive as ogres waiting for the chief.
When Doorgan awoke, he was in a giant cage filled with men in loinclothes. They were all gathering around him in mindless drool. In the cage next to his was a cage filled with pregnant women. Doorgan found out the men were all given potions to drink that turned them into rutting, mindless slaves. Their only useage was to keep the human women pregnant, so the chief could have his “snacks”. This filled him with rage again and he tried to bend the bars.
After several tries, while his ogre jailors were laughing at him, he finally bent the bars and escaped. The mindless men unwittingly followed him out of the cage and piled ontop of the ogres. This gave Doorgan time to find his arms and armor and time for Jasmine to find him. She gave him a potion of gaseous form to escape with.
On Jasmine and Eclaf’s way out of the keep, he decided to have another look at the chief’s study. Inside was a giant silver harp that could raise or lower ability scores. With his bardic knowledge, which he shared with Jasmine, he was able to avoid the bad effects and gained a level! Jasmine strummed the harp as well and raised her charisma.
Afterwards the adventurers climbed over the walls and were able to get back to their small army in the dead of the night. Sullen and angry over what they had seen and failed to stop.
Tomorrow is another day, but they did not know how they were going to conquer the Frost giant and his ogre minions.

Game 7
The characters recover from the previous day’s battle by wenching and drinking. Eclaf polishes his next saga, in between mugs of ale. The following day, as the characters stumble from their beds, a runner comes to alert them that something is wrong at the wall. From the edge of the forest a force of dire wolves, almost a 100 strong, with Orc rangers and the General and his crew. An orc spellcaster unrolls a scroll and starts his chant. The party Must stop whatever help the spellcaster is calling for. Jasmyn and Osric secret themselves in a cart of hay, pulled by horses with charmed orc riders. They make it half way to the forest and drop off the back. The cart makes it another 100 yards and then one of the orc lieutenants throws an oil of fiery burning at the lead horse. The cart explodes in fire, instantly crisping the horses and orcs and setting the cart on fire. Jasmyn tries to charge the spellcast but is met by the six lieutenants first. Osric manages to stun 4 of them but the last two get in their blows. The next round, Jasmyn casts stinking cloud on the spellcaster but he makes his save. He is on his last round of spellcasting and must make one more save. He does and a large bonfire erupts from the cart, with a human’s face. A Fire elemental!

Jasmyn and Osric retreat to the village walls as there is nothing they can do.
As the Elemental charges the town walls, Eclaf and Doorgan charge the elemental. Unfortunately it avoids them and heads to the wall. The fire elemental is able to get 3/4 of the wall on fire before they vanquish it. Doorgan charges the General but is cut down by the lieutenants. The Orc General spits on Doorgan and moves back to his lines with his troops. The spellcasters cast another spell and make 16 of the dire wolves into the size of Polar bears.
Jasmyn sneaks out to Doorgan, invisible, and pours potions of healing into his mouth. Meanwhile the 16 dire wolves charge the town and leap over the 10’ walls. The towns people have a shield wall inside the town’s walls and have their spears set to accept the charge but there are just too big and too many of the brutes. Arlis, a human fighter, leads the towns people to surround the dire wolves and spear the brutes. Osric sees that there is naught for him to do and starts to head down to the docks to make his escape.
Doorgan falls for a second time to the General and the General walks away with his Thor-sent axe as a trophy. Jasmyn is able to drag Doorgan back to the town for healing. Eclaf is madly trying to put out the fire on the walls with his spells.
Just as Osric was to slip into the water to escape, he hears viking battle drums in the distance. A force of 300 vikings in 10 longships is rowing madly to get to the burning town. The vikings reach the docks and rush past a stunned Osric to get to the battle. The spearmen from the town are down to a handful before the vikings stream by them, battle axes raised to cleave the wolves.
The orc General sees the last of his Giant Direwolves slain and slinks with his forces into the forest to run away. The viking general asks Eclaf’s leave to chase the enemy and rush off. The party, after quaffing more healing potions and spells, charges after with two dozen vikings.
The party meets a force of the dire wolves, two rangers and one lieutenant. They smite the enemy but not before the last viking falls as well.
The orc General and his spellcasters have gotten away from the viking force somehow with Doorgan’s axe. Now the party has a solid force to attack the keep with. If they dare,,,,

Game 6
p. The party started out inside the walls of the town. Now encircled by an Orcish army equipped with wyverns. There were 5 orcs to every able fighter inside the town. Later in the evening, as they discussed different tactics, Eclaf was visited by Bragi. Bragi had come to congratulate the bard on his successes and bestow a mighty spear of hurling +2. At the same time, Thor came into the tavern to visit Dorian and congratulate him as well. For Dorian he bestowed a mighty axe and blessed the arrows of the only ranger in the group. Tomorrow was to be a Splendid battle and the gods wanted to make sure their champions were ready. p. The next morning, at first light, a ball of burning light arced over the sky and fell into the middle of the town. Out of the splash of fire were three devils that said that they had been summoned to stop Eclaf. But they were willing to bring him to their side. As the devils tried to trick the bard into laying down his spear, Capt Slash struck them from behind with her staff. The leader was slain with Eclaf’s spear and Dorian cleaved a wing from a second devil before it died as well. The third disappeared after unsuccessfully trying to charm Dorian. The willy Osric knew the devil’s tricks and bestowed protection from evil on Dorian and Eclaf. The villagers cheered the heroes and were much heartened by the display of power. p. Next a gathering of orcish shamans made a circle by which they summoned a mighty earth elemental. The orc general ordered it to bash down the doors to the city. Only Slash, Eclaf and Dorian had weapons that could harm the creature and dashed over the walls to attack it. Slash was able to keep the arrows off of Dorian with a feather fall spell, while he cleaved into the elemental. The party took dreadful damage before they dismissed the elemental and it was able to break down one door. p. After seeing the elemental knock the door down, the orc army rushed to fill the gap. Little did they know the villagers and bard had cooked up a nasty surprise. As the orcs pushed to get in the gate, they were delayed by a trip spell. This stopped up the orcs behind them who were splattered by lantern oil. Eclaf mercilessly employed fire spells to light the oil and burn the orcs to a crisp. p. During battle the elven gladiator burst threw the trees with 10 legionaries in his party. He had left the party in town to scout out the keep with some fellow romans. The orcs could see this was the party’s stoutest fighter that they could reach and charged him with their most experienced fighters. The gladiator was able to kill all of the orcs but at the expense of his legionaries. p. In the end, the orcs surrendered and the wyverns were driven off. But there was no sign of the leader and his shamans. There are also still howls from wolven creatures that are prowling the woods. What is next for our unstoppable party?
Game 5

The band made it to Raven’s Bluff where Dorian took the Ogre off to his temple of Thor. There the clerics would fashion the Ogre into mighty gauntlets of Ogre power that also bestowed the physical aspects of an Ogre to Dorian as well. Slash and Eclaf decided that if they were to attack the fort, they would need many more men to help them assault the keep. While Slash joined the Mage Guild and bought new spells, Eclaf wenched and left word at the Mercenary’s guild that they were looking for men. He was visited by the six generals in Raven’s Bluff to offer their services. Slash was also visited by two young men that offered their services, Osric and Egil. During Eclaf’s revels at the inn, a woman rushed up to Eclaf with a scroll case. It was Thora from Shadowford, where she was a tavern wench. Once she had Eclaf’s attention she quickly unscrewed the scroll case. What Eclaf did not know was that Thora truly was sent from Shadowford to beg them to come back and assault the orc army, camped outside their walls. But she had been intercepted and charmed. She Had to deliver the case to Eclaf but she knew it was trapped for whomever opened the case. She boldly took the damage and paid with her life. Smoke quickly issued from the case that formed an illusion of Kraanian the Orc. He played with Eclaf and boldly asked for Eclaf to challenge him to single combat at the keep. Eclaf threw a challenge back in his face to come to Raven’s bluff. Kraanian said he would come to the city but he would be bringing some friends with him. Also he gloated that Shadowford was no more for an orc army had slain the town. It was then that Dorian scattered the illusion in anger. Afterwards Osric searched the body for clues of another message and found them sewn in a fold of her dress. The town was under siege and needed help. The band sought quick passage back to Shadowford by ship. When they arrived, at night, they found a large host of Orcs and Wyverns posted around the town. The group decided that Osric and Egil had the best chance to recon the forces and see what they were up against. Unfortunately both Egil and Osric stumbled on a sleeping Wyvern and disturbed it’s sleep. The band quickly slew the Wyvern but the closest group of Orcs had sounded an alarm and were rushing the band. They enspelled Osric in Invisibility and sent him on ahead to make sure the city gates would be open to them. The party must have a running battle with the first group of Orcs before they could get inside the city. The party of 4 adventurers and ten followers killed five times their number of Orcs before they reached the town’s walls. After charming one of the survivors and looting the bodies, one Orc was sent from the other camps to see what was going on. He escaped and sounded the alarm. So the party rushed inside the town gates before the multitudes of Orcs could swarm them. Once inside and seeing that there were only 59 defenders left, they knew they must send for reinforcements from the armies at Raven’s Bluff. Help would be coming but they had three long days before it would reach them. what to do, what to do,,,

Game 4

The band of adventures were no sooner out of town when a group of men and dwarves came rushing to the group. The young men were sheparded by some older men on horseback. they were stirred by the stories Eclaf told in their home town of Shadowford. Enough so that they wanted to come along with the intrepid band of adventurers. They also picked up a randy fighter for a time on the road. Shortly after they started, it occurred to them that they would much rather bypass the fort for now and travel on to Raven’s Bluff, the largest human city in the north. They happened on a roadblock of orcs and Ogres, who were setting up a station on the road. The players drew off about half the band of orcs and Ogres in a diversion with fire. The band heartily slew the first party, but some stragglers got free to warn the leader. He sent the remainder of his crew to kill the men. Although this band was slain as well, except for one Ogre. Thor had tasked Dorian to save one Ogre and take him to Raven’s Bluff temple. On the road they were beset by more orcs with worgs. The band easily dispatched the group and moved on. Raven’s Bluff awaited…

Game 3

The group left the watchtower a week or so later. All damage was healed and the slaves were re-equipped with armor and weapons for the long trek back to a town. The men were from skor and decided that they could not go back there, so they would continue on with the group.
Unfortunately during the march to civilization they were attacked by a large group of worgs and mad giant boars. The last slave died half a days march from town.
On the outskirts of town, they happened across a sheppard boy that could not believe his eyes. The Heros were coming from an area that was rife with orcs. The group got to the city gates and were given directions to the local inn. Once there, the local Jarl and the head priest of Odin learned of the fate of Skor and heard their adventures. Afterwards the people of the town showed their aprpeciation to the Heros in true viking fashion. The bard of the group had a contest with the local bard and soundly thrashed him. This brought the crowd to even higher levels of excitement over the heros. Doorgan, the fighter/cleric, and Gyrfalcon, the ranger/cleric, drank until they almost collapsed on the tables. The gladiator and Ecglaf, the bard, hosted many unattached women to their bedrooms over the night. Jasmyn took the defeated bard to bed to see if he had an other skills. He didn’t.
Doorgan was troubled by an outburst by Joran the head sheppard who caught the young sheppard boy in the inn, listening to the heros. Doorgan stood up to Joran but did not notice the crowd was not liking the exchange. Ecglaf smoothly stepped in and steered Doorgan back to his seat, before an incident happened.
Ecglaf also found out that the gladiator had taken a married woman to his bed overnight. He smoothly steered the cuckolded husband to his room to defray the incident.
The next day Gyrfalcon and Doorgan visited the local temple to Odin to show their repects. However the local baker challenged Gyrfalcon to a fight and smashed his mace into his side. Gyrfalcon fought back and easily killed the baker. Afterwards it came out that the baker had a wasting disease and could not be healed. So he had been looking for someone to fight with to end his days in battle. Unfortunately a part of the duel was that you take over whatever possessions the loser had, in this case, his family. Gyr did his best to comfort the family but told them frankly he was heading North to kill as many Giants as he could.
Doorgan found the young sheppard boy pleading with him outside the temple to allow him to go with the party. He pleaded he would do anything to get away from his servitude with Joran. The party reluctantly agreed to let the lad come along but he was Doorgan’s responsibility.
Finally recovered from the partying and other incidents, the party started out once more. This time towards a fort, guarded by an orc army with wyvern scouts. The gods could not wait.

Game 2

There was a new player that joined the group this session. A fighter/Cleric of Odin who was traveling with a band that happened on a group of Orcs. These orcs were traveling with treasure back to their fort and had massacred the band, except one. The fighter/cleric decided he would travel ahead to see if he could ambush the orcs later on. Much to his surprise he happened on our group.
The group decided to use it as a diversion to get the orcs in the watch tower to come out. They sent their charmed orc in to request aid. He made it inside with no issue, but the orc leader did not totally believe his tale. So he sent 2/3 of his orcs out but left the charmed orc behind. The group was able to ambush the orcs, just outside the view of the watchtower. The group decimated the orcs but two managed to get away to warn the watchtower. Now they were warned of the group.
The rest of the orcs were sent on the balcony that ran around the top of the tower with longbows. The sub-leader, a cleric, was taking no chances until re-inforcements could arrive. Little did the PCs know but all of the horses had been sent off with messengers to gather re-inforcements.
Jasmyn declared that she could put spider climb on one of the PCs and they could run up the tower, but who to send. The gladiator volunteered and gathered his gear. The rest of the party swung around the other side to create a diversion and for the bard to sing his battle chant. The gladiator made it up the side of the tower without a problem, but then he faced a large group of orcs including the cleric, on his own.
The rest of the group decided to make a run for it to the tower, but most of the orcs were not fighting the gladiator, and they piled arrows onto the group. Most of the group were stricken with critical hits before they could reach the safety of the tower. The gladiator was also unarmed by the Cleric’s command spell. The orcs fell on the blue elf with glee.
As the group was huddling against the side of the tower, they remembered the charmed Orc. They called to him to let down the ladder, which he swiftly did. Inside the tower, the group found a large group of warriors that were chained but unguarded by the orcs. They rushed up the ladder and threw their orc slave masters over the balcony, saving the elf.
Now the group was out of spells and healing and had three groups of orcs coming towards the watch tower. The group reluctantly decided to send the charmed orc out to tell them the real danger was plague and they needed help with healing. The leaders believed the orc, and decided to end his life from afar. Little did the PCs know that the lone charmed orc had saved them from an overwhelming attack.

Game 1

Travel to Skor
met up with braga. showed them events. josh was mother caring for kids. kept them safe, but they froze to death. Mindy was bar maid and challenged cowering men in the inn. Nate was mayor and fought in streets.

woke up. Crew paniced hearing their dreams plus the smoke from town. siad it was cursed and ragnarock. left them there to go report to northbridge.

Josh wandered off alone. killed 6 orcs on his own. 2 got away on horses. stayed at home that was untouched overnight. Morning were attacked by 10 orcs with bows. They were killed but 5 got away with horses.

1 was charmed. led them to the watchtower but was caught in bear trap. Trapping orc was killed.

got to watch tower and there were no horses and there were 15 archers on the walkway.


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